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Photo of Wycliffe College Library

There will be many concerns but these are some to think about when a student is starting Boarding School

parent's concerns

1. If you were sending your child to another state or country for school wouldn't you be worried?

2. Many boarding schools have vigorous academics that will consume students' personal time.  

3. Due to the vigorous courses at some boarding schools they will feel overwhelmed. They will find it more difficult if their academics is a foreign language to them.

4. For many families they want the best for their child. They hope that a great boarding school will get their child into a top university. 

5. Many US boarding schools will have international students and parents want their child's English to improve.

6. Parents want them to make friends but the friends that will be a great influence on them. 

7. Students will learn how to be independent through programs you develop. (e.g. Prefects-student leadership) Also through daily living skills: Study Hall, Laundry, Chores, Team Building Activities, etc.

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