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laundry day

Part of attending a boarding school is building students to be independent. One of those responsibilities is laundry. It will probably be the most challenging along with Room Care. If you have a system in place you will do well with your students. Repetition is KEY. There might be some schools that do the laundry for the students. If this is not your school, see below how you can prevent some issues.

Set a Laundry Day Schedule

Also make sure students label which machine they are using. This will prevent clothes being left unattended and not knowing who it belongs to.

Create a Spacious Laundry Room

with the Essentials

Label the Machines

Create a Laundry "Lost & Found" Bin.

We all lose that one sock somehow :-)

Ironing Board, Folding Table, Shelves for Laundry Detergent storage, Trash Bin, etc.

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