Felix Lugo, MSM

Address: International

E-mail: LugoFelix@Gmail.com

Phone: 914-563-3653

Website: www.FelixLugo.tk 

Masters of Science in Management , Warner University, Lake Wales, Florida


Bachelors in Health Services Administration, Monroe College, New Rochelle, New York


Felix Lugo, MSM - Professional Profile P


Possess 15+ years’ experience in international education, management, financial management, staff development, enhancing students’ overall wellness at top global private boarding/prep schools.  Highlights: Launched Central Valley’s 1st-ever int’l boarding program, doubled enrollment in four (4) months, reached capacity by year-two; at Leman Manhattan Prep, created residential life program website (www.WeekendSignup.com) driving student participation & data flow, increased student participation 50%+ via social media; at Vanguard School (FL), boosted activities participation 98%.  Regularly recruit, train, supervise & develop staff; create innovative programs while streamlining processes, cutting costs.  Create environments developing students’ self-awareness, and enhancing their academic, career, social & emotional needs.  Thrive in fast-paced environments: always hit the ground running, take minimal time to acclimate & perform.  Dedicated to continual improvement. 


English - fluently

Spanish - fluently 

Mandarin -beginner

Russian -beginner

Areas of Expertise


Director, Student Life | Mission College Prep Catholic H.S.

2018 - 2019

Oversee school culture, campus climate, and provide academic support and administrative partnership.

  • Keep track and perform quarterly safety drills: Fire, Lockdown and EarthQuake.

  • Manage school’s disciplinary system and provide classroom management support to faculty.

  • Created and oversee the Student Retention Committee and develop retention efforts.

  • Campus Safety Management and schedule campus-wide supervision.

Dean, Student Life & International Services| Private Company


  • Develop equitable weekend duty rotational schedule for all School employees

  • Organize weekly laundry schedule for boarding students

  • Lead department of houseparents

  • Oversee all Dining Services

  • Organize chores and room cleanliness system

  • Collaborate with students to schedule weekend activities throughout the school year

  • Collaborate with Head of School and Dean of Curriculum & Instruction to organize domestic and international holiday programs/camps, February programs/camps, and summer programs/camps each year

  • Serve on Administrator-on-Call team

  • Serve on Student Services Support Team

  • As Residential Life hiring manager, collaborate with Chief Operating Officer to fill departmental vacancies

  • Collaborate with Head of School and Dean of Curriculum & Instruction to develop master school calendar annually.

  • Organize “best practice” systems of supervision and documentation to ensure the careful monitoring of boarding student movements

  • Collaborate with Head of School to lead and develop a boarding school culture and ethos at School

  • Develop holistic residential curriculum that prepares boarding students for the complexities of independent living in the twenty-first century.

  • Designated School Official- As DSO work with State Department of Education to issue and update Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) data on international student admissions (I-20 Forms, visas). Communicate with State Department of Education to stay current on changes to USA immigration policies. 

Director of International Student' Services| San Joaquin Memorial 


(hold both positions concurrently--See position Below). Report to Head of School, oversee entire International Program Staff of seven (7). Create and manage $600K annual budget. Draft quarterly & annual reports for Administrators.

  • Oversee entire international program (Homestay & Boarding) including recruitment, admissions, acculturation, student support.

  • Created, develop and execute program enrolling, retaining and supporting international students from several countries. 

  • Initiated and develop international student services program including recruitment, admissions, acculturation activities, support.

  • Sustain effective communications with students, parents, teachers/administrators, host families, and international partners.

  • Set-up admissions procedures: reviewing applications, test scores & recommendations; conducting interviews.

  • Work with Department of Education to issue and update Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) data on int’l student admissions (I-20 Forms, visas). Communicate with Department of Education to stay current on changes to USA immigration policies. 

  • Develop and oversee on-campus acculturation programs, fully integrating students into campus at-large. 

  • Devise and lead extracurricular activities and trips, locally and state-wide, providing authentic American experience.

  • Review international student applications, TOEFL, iTEP SLATE test scores, recommendations, and immunizations. Conduct on-/ off-campus interviews via Skype regarding to decide denial/acceptance.

Director of Residential Life| San Joaquin Memorial 


Recruited to launch Central Valley’s first & only International Boarding Program, as Live-In Director, Residential Life. Grew program from nine (9) to 28 students by year two; hired & lead team of six (and growing); oversee work of Residential Hall Manager, Residential Advisors & Int’l Boarding Chefs; generated $1.4M in revenues by year two--necessitating creation of new position (see position above).


Designed dormitory, including Main Lounge, Study Lounge, Dining Hall, Snack Bar, and Recreation Areas to meet students’ academic / personal needs, while fostering a family atmosphere. Increase student productivity by creating and executing online tracking system via Google Docs spreadsheet. Promote International Program school-wide. 

  • Improved students’ experience by creating and managing student-led Prefect Program.

  • Ensure student safety by designing and implementing check-in / -out program. 

  • Created resident handbook, boarding staff handbook and job descriptions. 

  • Improved department’s overall productivity by creating online platform tracking all Residential Life data: time sheets, student tracking, reports, medical insurance, permission forms, daily activity logs, staff schedules, handbooks. 

  • Initiated partnerships with local vendors to better meet needs of Boarding Program. 

  • Budget, plan, and supervise trips to LA, SF, other California regions.



Weekend Activities Coordinator | Meritas Family of Schools

2013 - 2014

Plan, budget, execute & evaluate student activities programs within international residential boarding program at an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School offering the Diploma Programme (DP).  Oversee $65K annual budget. Manage all work of House Parents & Resident Assistants within student activities.  Report to Director of Residential Life.

  • Created & maintain residential life boarding program website (www.WeekendSignup.com) driving student participation & improved communication.  Leverage Flash, HTML 5, JavaScript, Google Docs.

  • Boosted student participation 50%+ via social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) & analysis of social trends.

  • Created food voucher program.  Partner with local restaurants to receive substantial discounts.

  • Schedule events appealing to students, and upholding program’s mandate.

·       Research current trends / student engagement in activities & student-led committees.

  • Plan & lead trips including Six Flags, Broadway shows, hiking, rock climbing, Central Park bike rides.

  • Generate continual feedback & ideas from students via email surveys. 

  • Establish relationships & partner with local vendors to receive reduced transport rates (buses, taxis, etc.)


Sr. HouseParent (Residential Advisor) | Meritas Family of Schools 

2012 - 2014

Serve as senior Residential Advisor for International Boarding program students from China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, South Korea, Turkey, Germany, Brazil & Japan.  Assigned 15 students, directly supervise 30 / indirectly supervise 65 students.  Utilize MS Office / Outlook, Macbook Pro, iPhone, iPad, Google Docs daily.

  • Cultivate relationships with students, foster high reenrollment rates.

  • Coordinate development of individualized action plans to meet students’ academic / emotional needs.

  • Manage students’ overall academic performance, welfare, discipline issues, health & wellbeing.

  • Effective communication with parent/guardian, ensure satisfaction with program.

  • Orchestrate Residence Hall daily operations, track / report student attendance, lead weekend activities, procure transport.

  • Report residential issues to administrative team.

  • Represent, promote image of international residential program school-wide. 

House Manager | Vanguard School: Performing Arts Center

​2011 - 2012


Seasonal House Manager for Cathy Wooley-Brown Performing Arts Center at the Vanguard School.

  • Supervised all productions in areas such as: Lighting, Stage Design, Sound Booth, Ushering, Box Office and Concession. 


Assistant Director of Residential Life | Vanguard School

​2008- 2012

Worked as an administrator at 140-student residential boarding school.  Led 32-person staff (House Mothers, overnight staff, Residential Advisors, campus security, nurses, part-time staff).  Planned & managed $1Million+ annual budget.  Reported to  Director of Residential Life.

  • Increased recreational activities participation 98%, facilitated creation of new campus clubs & increased staff involvement.

  • Improved staff communication by developing workshops to boosting  self-development.

  • Developed information platform to improve internal communication & communications with families.

  • Designed proprietary server (“U: Drive”), an internal server gauging all Residential Life data: timesheets, student tracking, report forms, daily activity logs, staff schedules, employee guidebooks.

  • Created, designed & produced 76-page Residential Employee Handbook.

  • Planned wildly-popular trips to Disney World, Busch Gardens, Legoland, Swimming with the Manatees at Crystal River, paintball, beach trips, basketball games / tournaments, concerts. 

  • Found & executed many exciting & popular on-campus programs, mitigating costs.

  • Negotiated pay increase for residential staff & won approval for new campus vehicle.

  • Provided seamless management of attempted suicides, drug overdoses, alcohol abuse & campus lockdowns.

  • Carried out executive meetings & workshops on business vision & strategy, standardization of best practices.  Initiated, won approval for employee-incentive program.

  • Drove all administrative, legal & financial functions.  Streamlined procedures, slashed costs, eradicated redundancies.

  • Identified potential problems & advised staff on eliminating / preventing them.

  • Organized retreats for residential staff.  Conducted trainings boosting morale.


Residential Dean | Vanguard School

​2007 - 2009

Supervised all dormitory halls housing ~60 students & managed 10 staff (RAs, overnight & part-time staff).  Served as point of contact for emergencies.  Oversaw daily schedule, managed all staff development.  Reported to Director of Residential Life.

  • Executed & piloted specialized Individual Residential & Learning Plan assisting students with emotional needs & strengths, crises management, symptom-triggers, social needs, personal nutrition, finances, daily schedules.  Drove substantial improvements in grades, social skills, time / money management.

  • Managed crises.  Planned & directed popular trips.  Innovated cost-saving on-campus events.

  • Created family atmosphere within dormitory by creating home-like themes & designs.

  • Equipped all rooms with phones to increase student availability for parents / families. 

  • Improved student-staff relationships: praised students when deserving, gave staff rewards for select achievements.

  • Boosted student happiness & morale by launching extensive weekend activities. 


Marketing Manager | Rainy Faye Bookstore, LLC

2003 - 2007

Served as marketing manager increasing revenues 30% year-over-year & raising community involvement via in-store functions.   Lead Designer handling all marketing initiatives.   Reported to Owner.  Used Anthology software.

  • Boosted revenues by initiating & cultivating relationship with Bridgeport University.

  • Won repeat-annual “Best Independent Bookstore” award in Fairfield Weekly Reader’s Poll.·  Leveraged campaigns on / in local radio & newspapers.

  • Established increased online presence & database—slashing inventory costs & increasing revenues dramatically.

  • Initiated free shipping on larger orders, further driving revenues.

  • Promoted extensive events, increasing brand identity via word-of-mouth marketing. 

Assistant Program Coordinator | NYS Department of Education

2002 - 2003

Coordinated internships for high school students within the community. Promoted student involvement and established relationships with businesses and educational centers within the community. 

  • Maintained a high participation rate in student involvement in community service and several internships turned into part-time and full-time positions after high school for students. 

  • Increased work locations for students to have variety of choices to continue their program of interests.



* Team Building  

* Budget Management / Reporting 

* Tech-Savvy 

* Children’s Advocate 

* Creating Student Action Plans 

* Facilitating Communication 

* Program Planning / Scheduling

* Marketing & Business Development  

* Security Management 

* Monitoring Academic Progress

* Managing Discipline Issues

* Creative Thinker  

* Organizational Leadership

* Health Administration  

* Entrepreneurial Spirit   






Rediker (Admin+)

Whipple Hill




Microsoft Office 365

Windows OS 10

macOS Catalina

Computerized Physician Order Entry

Dragon Dictation

Rosetta Stone



University of Rockhurst:

  • Time Management and Organizational Skills

  • Management and Leadership


Love & Logic Insititute, Inc

  • Classroom Strategies

  • Teaching Responsibility


The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS)

  • Residential Life workshop


Cross Country Education

  • Autism & Aspergers Syndrome workshop


American Heart Association

  • CPR Adult & Infant, AED and First Aid Exp. 8/2021



  • Food Handler Exp. 2023

Driving Education

  • Licensed Driving Instructor (CA)


Monroe College

  • Cum Laude 2004/2006

  • Presidents & Dean's List


Bridge Program

  • Traveled to Germany (Frankfurt, Bad Homburg, Berlin, Lubeck, Munich) on an awarded Scholarship



  • Editor's Choice Award for Outstanding Achievement in Poetry


NYS Department of Education

  • Superintendent's Scholarship for Excellence in Alternative Education