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All Flan reviews done by: Felix Lugo

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            ------------------->Nothing Special 







Esmeraldo Bakery | 538 West 181st. Street. New York, NY (2013)

"I always stop by this small bakery when I visit Washington Heights. They have great pastries. Their flan was ok. Generous portion but the flavor and texture was standard. Nothing stood out. But it was good." 



Sofrito | 400 E 57th St, New York, NY (2013)

"The only thing this place has going for itself is that huge pork-shoulder they serve. Other than that. Nothing else was special. Flán was average." 



Room Service | 690 Ninth Avenue  New York, NY (2012) (Thai Punkin Flán)

"I must admit I never tried a Thai Punkin Flaán before. This was absolutely wonderful. Served warm and presentation was nice. Would recommend this Flán!" 



Milanes Spanish Restaurant, Inc | 168 West 25th Street New York, NY (2013)

"The Flán has a cherry on top which is something I don't always agree with. Sometimes the flavor of a garnish can override the taste of the Flán. In this case the flán was very sweet. In certain bites it was a little too sweet. I, however finished the whole flán. Generous slice. It was great! Loved it!" 


El Quijote Bar & Restaurant | 226 West 23rd Street New York, NY (2013)

"While it may have been in business for a couple of decades. I was ecpecting an amazing Flán from this place. I was not impressed at all. It was tasteless. This is probably one of the worst fláns I have taste this year." 



Havana Alma de Cuba | 94 Christopher Street, New York, NY (2014) 

"Vanilla Flan: was served with a couple of blueberries (3) and mint leaf on top. It was pretty good. Creamy. Sauce could use a little work. Overall it was great. Coconut Flan: Served as the same as the Vanilla Flan. Had coconut shreddings under the flan. Wasn't thrilled with the caramel sauce. Should be coconut but I don't taste much of coconut. Maybe the ingredients is throwing that main flavor off. Both dishes were served also with a slice of orange for garnish.  Vanilla Flan                               Coconut Flan 



Dahlia's Fine Mexican Cuisine | 353 Greenwish Street, New York, NY (2014)

"Very interesting flan. Was told one of the Dominican cooks make it. I enjoyed it. Presentation was common. Flavors were very interesting. Has zest of orange taste on top. Never taste a flan like this. I would recommend this flan to anyone to try.



Starbucks | 55 Broad Street, New York, NY (2014)

"There's a new Flan wave happening and its at Starbucks. Who would have thought the coffee markers leaders would use Flan Dessert as a new flavor for their Lattes and Frappuccinos. I stopped by a Starbucks and gave it a try. I would stay with eating the real Flan than this 'Artificially Flavored' drink. After I saw so many squirts of this syrup and that syrup. It's clear it's just a Latte with a lot of syrup flavor to imitate Flan. Not impressed. Actually dissapointed. But if you like those combination of syrups they put into their new Flan Latte/ Frappuccino. Give it a try. You might like it. As for me: No thank you. I'll just stick with the real deal: An Actual Flan with texture and taste and no Artificial Flavors! 


55 Futon Market | 55 Futon Street New York, NY (2013)

"Was not impressed with the Flàn located inside this Food Market. I tried it with pineapple on top (bad choice on their end) Also with a single cherry. (Another bad choice) I was simply not impressed. Taste was everywhere and very commercial. There's was nothing special." 


Mad Dog & Beans Mexican Cantina | 83 Pearl Street New York, NY (2013)

"The taste was right. The presentation was great. I must admit this was a great tasting flán I have tried in awhile. Would recommend giving their Flán a try." 


Financier Patisserie | 62 Stone Street  New York, NY (2012)

"The name sounds fancy but sadly their version of Flán was not so fancy. They should stop serving it." 


Financier Patisserie | 35 Cedar Street  New York, NY (2012)

"I thought I would give their Flán another try at a different location. Disappointment once again. Nothing special about their version." 


Cabana Nuevo Latino | 89 South Street New York, NY (2012)

"Cuban style Flán. I must have gone to this place several times. Each time the same. I was not impressed with their version of Flán. Just awful." 



Three Wishes Bakery, LLC | 80-20 59th Street 1st Fl. Ridgewood, NY (2014)

"I had the pleasure of tasting 6 different types of flans from Three Wishes Bakery today. Let's start with the Traditional Flan: The texture was creamy I could taste the eggs...great for those who love that taste within the flan. The caramel sauce was not great. It was not complimenting the Flan. Chocolate Flan: Very creamy. I believe the sauce over it was Dulce de Leche. I wasn't thrilled. The flavors where mixed everywhere. Chocolate lovers may like it but the flavors where not consistent through each bite. Nothing special about this flan. Orange Flan: Interesting concept. I wonder with Orange Extract was mixed with this one? It was good. I enjoyed it. Cream Cheese Flan: this was tricky as there is not much difference between a cheesecake and a cream cheese flan. It was really creamy. I did enjoy this Flan. It was good. Punkin Flan: This flan was not great. It taste more like a ginger bread cookie every bite. I was not pleased with this flan. Coconut Flan: While it was good I believe it lack not having enough coconut flavor. It had more like a Coconut Essense than being a Coconut Flan. Overall it was good. I would leave out the cherry and swap it out  for coconut shreddings instead. "  Traditional Flan                    Chocolate Flan                  Orange Flan                        Cream Cheese Flan                                    Pumpkin Flan                     Coconut Flan 

Móle NYC @ Brooklyn | 178 Kent Avenue Brooklyn, NY (2013)

"The Flán was great. (Thanks Alexa) for recommending the place to me. The caramel was burnt! The Flán (creamy and sweet) the burnt sugar just killed the whole taste for me. This place would have gotten 41/2 Golden Spoons. I will give them another try." 


Jupiter Restaurant | 463 E. Tremont Avenue Bronx, NY (2014)

"Taste like it has Dulce the Leche. Interesting taste but I think it's mostly the dulce de Leche in it. There was nothing special about this flan" Note: they outsource their flan. Comes from a Bakery called: El Cibaeño Bakery, located on 653 Morris Park Ave, BX, NY. 


Guady's Flan

New York City (2013)

"There's competition flán makers! Guady's Strawberry Cheesecake Flán has scored a 5 out of 5 Golden Spoons and her Flàn de Café (Coffee) I also tried her Traditional Flán which received a 4 out of 5 Golden Spoons. The flán was a bit eggy but overall great. I would highly recommend these fláns I have tried from Guady's Flán." Strawberry Cheesecake Flan                                     Flán de Café (Coffee)                                     Traditional 

Give her a call: 347.913.FLAN (3526)


Towers Café (Lincoln Hospital) | 234 East 149th Street Bronx, NY (2013)

"Stopped by to give their Flán a try. It was ok. Nothing exciting. Huge portion. Sweet and flavorable." 


Quick Stop Gourment Deli | 685 E. Tremont Avenue Bronx, NY (2013)

"While buying a sandwich I noticed they had flán for sell. Even though not homemade as it's distributed by Tanto Dulce, Inc. Their flán is great. Nice texture and smooth sweetness. Give them a try. You won't regret it." 


El Valle | 1008 Westchester Avenue Bronx, NY (2013)

"Not bad. It was good. Presentation needed much help. It came in a to-go container. That's tacky. It I am eating it to stay. It should be served in a better way. Overall it was Good!" 


JJ's Restauranta Chucifritos | 718 East. Tremont Bronx, NY (2013) (NOT! home made) They outsource their Flan from a Bakery.

"Another place of outsourcing Flán. I would even come to their place and do a couple. They need to make in-house flán and stop using outside bakeries which are not very good makers of Flán." 


3Way Restaurant | 384 E. 188th Street Bronx, NY (2013) (NOT! home made) Flan made by Vladimir Baked Shop, NY NY

"I don't know why restaurants insist on outsourcing their Fláns. It gives the restaurant a bad name instead of the actual maker. Just awful!" 


Robles Pizzeria & Restaurant | 424 East 161 Street Bronx, NY (2012)

"They need to just stick with Pizza and not try to make such a delicate dish. Too plain and the taste was just not suitable. They should try again or not try at all."


El Bohio Lechonera | 791 E. Tremont Avenue Bronx, NY (2010)

"This place is known for their Spanish food. Which by far is totally worth eating here. Their Flán had nothing going for itself. Nothing special. Not bad but not good either." 


Cholo's Kitchen | (Peruvian Cuisine) 4 Lawton Street New Rochelle, NY (2011)

"The Flan was great. Different taste and color than most Fláns but overall it was great!" 

(Sadly the place is now closed) 


Alicia's Bakery | 498 Main Street New Rochelle, NY (2005)

"For a Bakery I expected more. Sadley there was nothing special about their Flán. Very commercial. Taste like every other 2 spoon Fláns out there." 


Long Ridge Tavern| 2635 Long Ridge Rd, Stamford, CT (2017)

"It was a surprise that this place would have Flan. Nonetheless I had to give it a try. It was not the best but it was not the worse I have tried. The presentation was typical as most restaurants when they serve Flan. I would try again if I have a sweet tooth happening if I am around the area again" 

Mi Ranchito Restaurant | 262 Hope St. Stamford, CT (2014)

"Large slice of Flan. I really enjoyed it. Great texture and unique flavor. I would try another slice next time I'm in town." 

Mezón| 56 Mill Plain Road. Danbury CT (2014)

"It's always interesting to hear that some people are taking Flan and adding some twists to it's traditional flavor. In this case Mezón in Danbury, CT is introducing Chocolate Brownie Flan. It looked great. You can see the split line that shows which part is Brownie and Flan. It has blueberry/strawberry on the top for garnish. The flan overall taste good but it had a lot going on. The flavors were everywhere. I wasn't thrilled. It taste more like a Flan Cocho. Which is another name for saying Flan Cake. It was not bad but I believe it took away from the essense of Flan we Flan lovers look for when we have Flan for dessert. You might like it but if you're looking for that Flan taste. You won't find it here" 

Max 40 | 40 Plain Mill Road, Danbury  CT (2014)

"There wasn't much of a flan taste. In fact I taste more of the caramel than Flan. The presentation was simple. Nothing fancy. Could have been better. I would not recommend this flan to anyone. It just didn't have that taste to even come back for a second try." 

Brasitas | 954 E. Main Street Stamford, CT (2013)

"I don't know why certain places insist on added nuts and raspberries on their flán plates. The flán was good. The presentation was nice. The combination of flavors was everywhere when they added those two not needed garnishes." 


Pepe Delgado's| 1601 Monterey St, San Luis Obispo, CA (2018)

"Probably the weirdest type of Flan I have ever eaten. It was served on a sundae glass and tasted like sugarless jello."

Sheng Kee Bakery| 201 S. Hill Drive, Union City, CA (2016)

"Asian Bakery offering many selections of sweets. Surprisedly found Flan "Caramel Custard" on their shelves. Petite cup with flavor in each bite. However not your traditional flan but not your worse. It had it's moments in taste. I would recommend for those who like non-traditional flan." 

Sal's Mexican Restaurant | 7476 N Fresno St, Fresno, CA (2014)

"The Flan wasn't bad but very sweet. Presented square cut with a dash of whipped cream on top. Nothing special about this one. However it's great if you really want a sweet flan." 

Toledo's Mexican Restaurant, 7315 N. Blackstone Fresno, CA (2014)

"Powerful taste but was not the taste that would leave you wanting more. I sample bite was enough to stay away from this Flan. It's over flavored by possbily Cumin or Nutmeg. Just not right." 

Jowli's Filipino Cuisine, CA (2014)

"Literally taste like pure condensed milk that's been sitting around for awhile. I would not try again. I was told it was good but not this time around" 

Limon Peruvian Cuisine, CA (2014)

"I ordered a Coconut Flan. Not sure if people think adding coconut shreds on the top of a regular Flan makes it a 'coconut flan' This was not a pleasant taste. The Flan came to my table warm with no reason. I couldn't bare having anymore bites after the first couple of tries. However I will go back and give them a second chance. There was something but I didn't find it in the first Flan around" 

Papi's Mex Grill, CA (2014)

"This is the best Flan I have tasted since being in California. Texture is great and caramel sauce is delightful. I highly recommend this Flan to anyone in the West Coast or visiting." 

Panaderia Natalie, Vanessa, CA (2014)

"Not good at all. I took one bite and that was enough. I wouldn't go back for a second try." 


LunaZul | 841 S. Main Street, Hampstead  (2018)

"The Flan is dense yet sweet and creamy. I enjoyed this Flan. It was garnished with some whipped cream and strawberries. I would recommend reducing the density but other than that it was good.

Cinco De Mayo Mexican Restaurant and Bar | 402 Englar Rd., Westminster (2017)

"It was good but not the best. I would give them a try again in order to see if the taste is consistent.  

Habaneros Mexican Kitchen & Tequileria | 330 140 Village Road, Westminster (2017)

"The Flan was very dense. It seems that a lot of condensed milk was used and not balanced currently. It was very creamy and sweet. The presentation was not unique. It was served with three spots of whip cream. At least they didn't put a cherry on top like most restaurants I have seen. I would try again down the road to see if they have improved this delightful dessert." 


Brass Buckle | 334 Main Street Conyngham , PA (2014)

"Interesting place...I like the decor and feel when you first enter the restaurant. The flan however was very different. Three mini flans with three sauces on top. Sour Apple, Raspberry and Hershey chocolate syrup. The flan itself was ok. I like the colors of the dessert with the different sauces. However, I am not a fan of this style of dessert they have displayed. Raspberry went well. While the other too was not in my favor. Presentation was nice. The taste was off the grid." 

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